A day in the life of 24 yo Sid

Do You remember when you were a kid you use to picture a grown-up life, like

“Yeah I will follow my passion, live in a big city, will have a big car, working on cool technologies, ”

I was like that too, and honestly, I kind of lived it for a while. Being in Mumbai, studying aero (yeah rocket science), having an amazing set of friends, and the campus life, I kind of did it. But even then I use to chase for a perfect life. Hanging out, having a good social life, party like crazy to eating clean or weight loss, and gymming, I wanted to do it all. Finally, somehow, I got some sense in me! but still, I secretly strive to have a perfect day every day.

So when I move to Hubli, I kind of recreate it— My Perfect life — added a lot of stuff as well to it, cause why not you are an adult now!

Yoga? — sure, let's add meditation also, party? — why not, heard journaling is also good and trending these days! all this while going while, managing a new life and office.

So after a few months, my days were always ending with a sense of dissatisfaction about not meeting my own goals! But I guess I always had limited time to blame and escaping the reality (that I just try to put too much irrelevant stuff!)

But then 2020 happened!

In March I moved back home (or you can call it my parent's place, maybe I watch too much western drama that's creating some problem here, anyways) Just at the start of lockdown I had plenty of time! PLENTY!

So even that one excuse was gone! I was honestly concerned that my overthinking self will have a lot of time and too little distraction to end it!

So guess what I did?

I just added a bunch of irrelevant stuff again! (okay maybe not irrelevant, but with my fucked up prioritization skills, it was really pointless)

Gardening? Yeah! Reading Books-Why not! Oh, it's Ramayana coming on TV lets watch it! And if all of that wasn’t enough, my fancy tech-loving and over-organizer self went another level — new tools for a daily journal, weekly check-in, personal habits tracking I mean at one point I was doing nothing and documenting everything!

So by August, my daily use to look like

Walking up → Coffee! → Newsletters (knowledge bitch!) → Social media (for hours!) → TV series (I completed 12 seasons of TBBT in a week!) → Somehow muster the little willpower to do something → End up doing nothing and thinking tomorrow will be different! → Journaling→ sleeping!

The cycle continues! days become weeks, become months, Finally, after a point just couldn’t take it anymore! I don't with this fake self-improvement shit!

It was then I thought I will write it in medium, so if I ever get stuck in this self-made fancy land (of pain) again, I know my younger self is out there helping me.

So what next? maybe that will come in a day of 25 yo sid article!



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